Monday, February 25, 2013

Beneath Their Snow

Genuine love will stand the test of the public.
Written for the only Love I've ever had

* * *

Beneath Their Snow

Yes, I should be asleep, I know
I cannot seem to will myself
Beneath the sheets of all this snow
Though I perspire, I'll never tell

They gaze us down through spectacles
So shrouded; How could they not know
Inadequate receptacles
Do they appoint to be their trough

Unknowingly they perforate
What they believe to grip and hold
Through leakages reverberate
Their confidence; their self-dug shoals

And shall I spare them but a sigh,
These thieves exposed beneath the sun?
Their shifting eyes at once belie:
They do not know what has begun

Yes, I should be asleep, I know
But they amuse me far too much
Beneath the sheets of all their snow
You lie with me, unharmed, untouched