Friday, February 15, 2013

I must warn you

I do not normally consider myself a poet, but wrote this poem a while back in response to one written for me, and discovered that possibly maybe I actually just might specialize in this field. Haha! We'll see. ;)

In any event, if there's one thing I intend to leave you with, it's this: If you know that you know that you know that you aren't ready for romantic love (or a relationship), please, even if just for the sake of the other person, do not get into it. Wait. It may be the hard option, but it's definitely the best one. For you. For them.

* * *

I must warn you

You do not need this heart of ash
In vigorous search for breath
Strive to revive what once had life
And die a double death
You do not need these eyes that sever,
dismantle, shatter, run—
Sequestration of evidence;
Refusal to be dunned
You do not need these lips that bellow
One a jeer too many
That cast their lines in foreign seas
Retraction?—a job too heavy
Secure inside this galaxy,
Yet burning to be free;
You do not need this wrestling comet,
You needn’t chase for me
I tie my recourse to a tree
Not far from where I live
Many hearts I pin upon my sleeve,
Not one I mean to give
I pray you rest your heart tonight
In equanimity
You see, beneath this ruthless blight
You don’t deserve to be!
The wind himself so flawed and fickle—
Constant is he in this:
My jaws—too sharp a place for your heart,
A dream you best dismiss
You do not need befuddlement
Nor desolate streets to roam
My love is a profound abyss
Too dark to call your home