Friday, August 7, 2015

Another Attempt

Transferring this post from my new, yet now obsolete (it'll make more sense as you read further) tumblr, as my Google account has just been recovered! *cue rejoicing*

* * *

Hello, reader (and potential follower)! 
If you have been following (even loosely, or maybe just casual browsing, or whatever) the wealth of blogs I’ve created, tended, and then neglected over the years, you may be wondering why in the name of God I am starting another one. To answer the question that may or may not have been on your mind, this is an attempt to start afresh with the entire online journaling concept, considering my original tumblr is a confusing overgrowth of my thoughts, a mishmash of all things outmoded, and my blogspot along with my entire google account has been disabled due to “suspicious activity.” (Whoops, run-on sentence.) 
I’ve been trying to recover my blogspot, as it would be a waste to simply let all the pieces I’ve spent hours writing, rewriting, editing and proofreading slip away. But in the interim, I’ll be needing a platform for my thoughts that can double as a cork board of sorts (and no, 160 characters surely will not suffice). Tumblr seems like the only appropriate in-between host, and is thus my blog site of choice! 
So, folks, that was the extrapolated version of what should really be a concise statement along the lines of “I’ve decided to return to cyberspace, but do not have a medium as of the moment. So this is what I’ll use in the meantime.” 
I suppose this initial post could serve as a preview of what’s to come. My thoughts are far from eloquent, sage, or organized, but I am hopeful that they will entertain you. Cheers! 

* * *

You may discard the bit about my transferring mediums, however I have not discarded the entire post as it also functions as an announcement that I am back on the internet, ladies and gentlemen (as if I ever really left)!

To give you more information than you asked for, although you asked for none at all, I have recently been a faithful millennial, spending a wealth of (wasted) time on Facebook. Upon realizing this, I deactivated my account and took to online journaling as an outlet, hoping to reap the benefits of having to carefully consider and craft each entry.

I hereby bid overly emotional, pessimistic status-update rants farewell, and commit to replacing them with more well-thought-out, hopefully sensible thoughts in the form of blogs.

Once again, cheers!